Puppy Has The Sweetest Reaction To Meeting Newborn Baby Brother For The First Time


A new baby in the house is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to any family.

Whenever a new baby comes to any house, all the family members, be it grandparents, parents or children, all of them are equally excited.

However, did you know, that our pets also get super excited when we welcome a new born to the house.

This family in Dublin, Ireland welcomes their new born baby, Nicholas. Let us take a look at their dog’s reaction to this new addition to the family.

Quica, the Chihuahua, is a cute and adorable dog who has been loved by his human parents all this while.

Now, when the parents welcomed their new born, they took him to introduce him to their baby dog, Quica. The reaction they got was more than what they had expected.

Quica was super excited to meet his human brother for the first time. He was very happy, and he rolled over the floor.

His father thought at first, that he wanted to be tickled in the tummy. However, later they understood that it was because of his happiness of meeting his brother for the first time.

Quica’s mother also expressed that the time when she was pregnant, Quica used to be very protective of her baby bump.

He used to be around her all the time to make sure that she is fine. Now that the baby is born, Quica always stands by the crib and looks over Nicholas. He makes sure that his brother is safe and sound.

This makes us understand that a dog or any pet for that reason is very important while your child is growing up. Studies prove that children who grow up with their pets are kind and loveable.

The video here will melt your heart. Watch how Quica reacts when she meets Nicholas for the first time.

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