Open the Gates of Your Comfort Zone! Let the Magic begin!


Open the Gates of Your Comfort Zone! Let the Magic begin!

To have the best things in life you should reach out and stretch out beyond your boundaries. As humans, we all want to live life happily, and we want to be comfortable in whatever we do. It is natural that most of us prefer to have things that make it easier for us. We like to be with people whom we already know. We want to visit places that we know well about, we love to do things only that we are good at. Our comforts are our paradise. But have you ever wondered what happens if you tried to step out of your comfort zone?

Ever questioned yourself as for how to step out of your comfort zone? It is not as difficult as it looks. Although you might be thinking what is the need when you are comfortable and cozy in the world you have created for yourself, isn’t it?

Open the Gates of Your Comfort Zone! Let the Magic begin!

The reason as to why you need to step out of your comfort zone is to see what life is all about for real. The comfortable world that you have created for yourself is something that was shown to you, built by someone else, relied on someone else believes and not your own. Hence, it is comfortable but not filled with life, fun, and happiness.

Life happens when you step out of your comforts. The real magic in your life takes place out of your comfort zone and for that, you need to reach out. We and our thoughts are usually controlled, and we do things depending on the likes of someone else. The way we dress up, the way we think, the way we make a decision, the choices we make, the things we buy everything is controlled based on likes and dislikes of people in our lives and the society we are surrounded by.

Learning new things and trying more new opportunities makes us a healthy person. Experiences are the most excellent teacher of life after all. To step out of our comfort zone and try something different may seem confusing at the beginning but it is not impossible. It takes consistency and changes that you need to adopt.
Here are a few ways as for how to step out of your comfort zone and find the magic in life that you once craved.

Attitude is the king of one’s behavior

We all have different approaches, and the way we deal with things in life depends on it. Changing the way we think and the way do things in a regular pattern may seem difficult from afar but if you are determined to try nothing is impossible.

Changing your attitude

You must have wondered looking at some people who are satisfied and happy in life as how cool they look? Probably also thought they have got everything in life and must be gifted? The truth is, most successful and happy people are the one who takes risks in life. Who believe in their strength and are confident about themselves. Start today to make those changes. Begin a new approach towards things that you usually use. Think different. Take risks.

Open the Gates of Your Comfort Zone! Let the Magic begin!
A goal without a plan is just a wish

Take some time and analyze your life and what is happening in it. Have you reached your dreams and goals? Living life with proper aims to achieve is an exciting way to live. Make your mind to achieve something in life and try hard in reaching there, by stepping out of your comfort zone. Be determined to get a hold on to your dreams. Take risks in life to reach where you want to be or do what your heart desires.

Examine your life and goals

Whatever you dream is to be, plan it and try reaching it. Without taking risks in life, it is impossible to achieve your goals. Life is all about planning and making it possible.

Do things that you have not done before

Being in your comfort zone is all about doing things in life in a regular routine. Probably you have been doing it in the same way since you were born and as you were told to do.

Open the Gates of Your Comfort Zone! Let the Magic begin!
Change in routine

For a change, try doing something that you were afraid of, though you know it is not a big deal. For example, years back I was scared to travel alone and always expected a family member to join me. One day, I decided to make an effort and booked a trip all alone. Trust me! I have not enjoyed any trip as good as the one which I went on my own.

While doing all this, it is also essential that you remain sane and do the right things without harming others in your journey. If you want to see magic in your life, come out of your comfort zone. Life actually happens there and not within the circle that you have drawn.
Hope you liked this one on Killing Comfort Zone and stepping towards enlightenment.

By – Saroja Vasanth

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